Colorquartz® surfaces meet exacting standards of excellence in manufacturing from start to finish.








The Colorquartz production plant covers 37,500㎡ of the 50,000㎡ company premise. It includes the administration offices, three production departments, R&D laboratory, and three sheltered warehouses for slab inventory. Using in-depth knowledge and experience, the CQ Procurement Team ensures that a raw material, such as quartz and resin, is under constant examination and inspection. The CQ Logistics Department serves the customer from beginning to end, starting from the integration of materials handling, inventory, packaging and transportation.



Colorquartz is uniquely position to innovate at the meeting point of science and markets. Colorquartz employs over 20 engineers and staff, and invested over $10 million in quartz technology research and development. Colorquartz’s core technologies, from silicon-resin infusion techniques to veining-pattern mixing, provide a base for quartz surfaces engineering. Colorquartz’s major research and development facilities are located in Diamond Bar, CA headquarters. Colorquartz applies deep expertise across a broad range of technical disciplines to improve quartz surfaces production, and to innovate new and exciting colors for customers worldwide. Colorquartz research and development explores the frontiers of quartz science in search of discoveries that can help transform the colors in living spaces for everyone.




Colorquartz maintains a vast network of steady suppliers from India to Turkey, to ensure quality and consistency of materials is always achieved. Colorquartz has exclusivity agreements with quarry owners for the procurement of premium level quartz. Furthermore, the CQ Procurement team does a rigorous inspection before raw materials are shipped to the factory for production.



Advanced quartz production machinery and equipment contribute to a wide range of innovative functions as well ensuring highest quality level of Colorquartz slabs. Production control is maintained through systematic planning and the coordination of all manufacturing activities in accordance with production standards. With two, state of the art, and six automated production lines, Colorquartz has an annual capacity of over 1 million ㎡.



Since 1999, Colorquartz's affiliated company Color Marble Project Group has led the stone industry in commercial cut-to-size projects worldwide. With over 20,000㎡ of fabrication facility, CMPG has the capacity to meet the most rigorous fabrication schedules while consistently deliver the ultimate in stonework quality and perfection. CMPG employs only the finest and the most experienced stonemasons while incorporating precise laser cutting technology and dynamic computer controls. These systems assure accuracy and enhance flexibility of design while simultaneously providing enormous cutting capacity. CMPG's experienced team enhances the ability to meet the most difficult schedule requirements without sacrificing precision design and fabrication specifications.